Exit Hungary and the collapse of the Nabucco Erdogan embarrassed in his own party ..?

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Is no longer a secret that Erdogan is fighting to feed the Nabucco pipeline via a gas pipeline eastern Mediterranean, and not on the Ottoman alleged, and all Freddie is a gas of Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean, and with Qatari gas promised extended to Haifa territory, to reach them to the Turkish port of Ceyhan via the Mediterranean Sea. With the failure of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon in 2006 and failed to hit Syria in 2011 began to dissipate dreams of Mr. Erdogan, particularly when he saw Russian troops surround Turkey, and heard the words of Chinese President on the preparations for war, and realized that toppling Syria is impossible, and sent the Turkish energy minister to Russia to deliver Russia and document the extension of gas pipeline South Stream Russian (to even get out of the generator without Homs), especially since the end of last year was the end of the contract for the supply of Russian gas to Turkey, and was forced to renew (for so the rest of Turkey without gas), but even so he returned Mr Erdogan for escalation against Syria and remained dreams of running the Nabucco pipeline!!.

Gas line is above the Eastern Mediterranean

Hungary out of the Nabucco gas pipeline ..?

With the loss of dreams of America to deliver any source of gas to the Nabucco pipeline, began signatory to the Nabucco pipeline (with the exception of Turkey) to search for their interests after the collapse of the dreams of running Nabucco, for example, Bulgaria was considering selling part of a network of lines gas company "Gazprom" Russia, (not for lightning visit to Hillary Clinton to Bulgaria asking them to amble after that overthrew the visit the Minister of the Bulgarian economy did not prevent Bulgaria from thinking to withdraw from the Nabucco), while Hungary a node more difficult to withdraw formally from the Convention on the Nabucco pipeline, and not only that, but joined to a gas pipeline South Stream Russian , and thus became the Nabucco in front of a real dilemma, Fajaar call (the rest of the republics of Yugoslavia,) to sign Nabucco is impossible in light of the contradiction between these republics, Washington is itself divided and built those states and disputes, and can not pass a gas pipeline across it, but Ukraine is still looking for solutions in If sacked the Russians for network gas will risk betting on a gas pipeline is still without gas sources, and the abandonment of approximately of 54 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, and thus with out Hungary of the Convention on the Nabucco pipeline Convention has become worthless and the evaporation of the Nabucco pipeline, and this is what I expected earlier in the article "Putin smiling triumphantly in Syria."

Erdogan is fighting on what ..?

After that came out of Hungary of the Convention on the Nabucco pipeline last week, Mr. Erdogan has lost what he was fighting for him, no longer able to justify hostility to Syria even close to his supporters. Returning to the words of President Bashar al-Assad that the conflict on Syria over and began the conflict with Syria, a fact that what is happening now, battle the real ended and fell all the objectives, and fighting his West now is the size of Syria's regional and the fate of the peace process, and minimize the repercussions of the victory of Syria, while standing violence, has fallen dreams of the West to drop Syria and its political position, and the question is: If you dream of Turkey in any regional role can not pass only through Syria, the Maigom by Erdogan, now no longer bet for the benefit of Turkey but has become in the course against Turkish interests completely Thadjima any role Turkish future, and everyone in Turkey after the failure of the Nabucco gas line Erdogan asks: What are fighting to Erdogan after the fall of his project ..?!!.

The Zionist entity's security ..!

Aware of Mr. Erdogan (Abu-Ottoman border NATO), that the failure of the division of the region mean the end of the project (Brotherhood demons), and the end of the rule of justice and development for Turkey, as do the House of Saud that Washington understands that stopping the media incitement against Shiites for one month will upset (hyenas Qaeda Wahhabi) on the chest the U.S., and therefore any settlement with the axis of resistance mean the end of the rule of Al Saud, and the failure of the division of the region mean the end of dreams (Brotherhood demons) in power, and that is only fighting the Al-Saud, and all-Thani, and all Erdogan on one thing his name to Israel's security in the hope stay in power, because they do not understand the intent of the West of the words to maintain the security of Israel with all the failure of the West in the region, and we see them in front of this way ahead of Washington in hostility to the axis of the resistance to become the limits of the Ottoman Empire are the limits of NATO.

While Erdogan's interests become more important than the interests of Turkey ..!

The Turkish opposition divided, between those who want to leave Erdogan takes his chance to walk in the Nabucco project, and the opposition of rational realize the impossibility of walking in this project, which is opposed by both Russia and Iran, Syria, added to which Iraq's central government, which canceled the contract the Kurdistan government with Ankara before the exit of the American occupation, But today with the evaporation of all the dreams of the gas united Turkish opposition, and began to oppose Erdogan and his policy to crawl inside the Justice and Development Party itself, and there is concern within the ranks of the ruling Justice and Development and in particular from the statement Erdogan about the limits of NATO with Syria, it promises Erdoganah Balosmanih to talk about the limits of NATO is the collapse of moral great, and can not be described by Mr. Erdogan, but as a person standing in front of a mirror and say (or I do not A), but must be reminded and to remind the Al-Thani, Al Saud that you my dear are defending the security of the Zionist entity has forgotten the results of the battle (and Wadi al - The massacre of the Merkava) , and even forgotten that tens of thousands of terrorists did not shoot Syria and some explosions and sonic booms would not return time back, but may in time to go forward, you who have forgotten the results of the Battle of Wadi al suggested that only get the ... Evil laugh?!!.

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